Student Outcomes
Chapter: What to Expect from this Paper

Critical Mirror Questions versus a Plug and Play solution

This paper is continuously evolving as we find answers around defining, measuring and curating all different aspects of student growth and potential. It is an attempt to synthesize all our learning from some of the strongest classrooms across our network, teachers and heads of partner organizations that are constantly evolving their understanding on envisioning a different future together with our students while working within an archaic system that is designed to keep most of them out, and practitioners outside of our network are deeply invested in our theory of change.

This paper is to provide a set of critical questions and experiences that facilitates your journey towards defining, organizing and measuring student outcomes in your context.

We will be learning from different perspectives of practitioners both within and outside of this network. There will be intentional, reflective pauses throughout this paper to push us to slow down and untangle some of the messiness around student outcomes and its implications in your context.


We hosted a roundtable discussion in July at Washington D.C. with experts, practitioners and a few partner organizations as a step towards sharpening our actionable insights and resources for defining and measuring transformational student outcomes. We were immensely pushed in our thinking by each of the participants during the course of those two days. What you will find in these pages are experiences and critical questions we posed to our participants at the round and now you could recreate in your teams with a set of guiding principles and questions. We hope that you will not only try these experiences but also share with us – what worked and what didn’t, what the team learned and how do you hope to take this learning forward. 

As a part of this journey, we will be visiting a few classrooms and hearing from a few of the teachers from the network. We realize that these are examples you may have already encountered and classrooms you may have already visited. What we would like to draw your attention to are the different lenses through which you can see these classrooms and teacher actions to take away more each time you engage.

This paper is not intended to provide a “readymade” or “plug and play” sort of solution which you could use tomorrow in your organization. The framework you will see in the later pages is not something we hope to see replicated across 40 (and growing) list of partner organizations. What we hope for is for that framework to shine light on the emerging themes from our strongest classrooms and push you to think about what it looks like in your context.

Lastly, this is a piece of work that is continuously evolving and changing as we learn more about what it really takes for our students to be progressing steadily towards expanded, self-determined life opportunities. As we step into more classrooms and more contexts, we would like for this paper to spark practice that pushes the bar in your contexts and for us to capture it through video, case studies – whatever you will so that the next version of this paper is richer both in terms of content as well as contexts.  

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