Student Outcomes
Chapter: Invitation to Collaborate

Working together to create shared learning for all

What we have above is essentially a hypothesis on the algorithm behind making informed choices on defining and measuring broadened students aligned to one’s vision and context. It is not a ready made framework but a set of questions and/or steps to critically think about as you are navigating the messy landscape of student outcomes.



Imagine two different organizations, Teach For Jupiter and Ensena Por Saturn. Consider their distinct visions and based on all that experienced so far, think about how you will help their team define and measure their student outcomes.  Think about the various possibilities of the purpose behind why they would want to assess and track progress and proceed choosing one. Remember this is an exercise only get you comfortable in thinking about these questions and go back to the pages where you aren’t feeling quite surefooted.

Feel free to print and scribble/doodle/jot as an independent exercise or do it as a team exercise  using all the resources available throughout the provocation paper.




As you have seen, this is our evolving understanding on these fundamental questions and what we would love is to support you and learn alongside you, as you explore these in your organizations.

For the next version of the provocation paper, we are hoping to do case studies and online learning materials based on individual partner learnings. If you are interested in being a part of a case study or even sharing your learning so far related to what you have read, please reach out to your regional specialist and

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