Learning Bets
Chapter: Call to Action

Potential to Address this Question

img_0109-copyThe core question of this provocation paper—how do we best grow great teachers?—is a question shared across the education landscape around the globe.  And the problem driving this provocation paper—a lack of clear, intentional, explicit learning theory in teacher education—is also shared across the education landscape around the globe.

As frustrating as that problem is, we should be inspired by our own potential to contribute to solving it.

Teach For All is a natural laboratory of creative, innovative, try-and-fail-and-learn-fast social entrepreneurs who can commit to different contextualized learning bets, thereby demonstrating what does and does not work to grow classroom leaders for some of the most marginalized populations of students. 

We in the Teach For All network have an unprecedented vantage point on (a) universal patterns of transformational learning and leadership in some of the best classrooms in low-income communities around the world and (b) creative, productively disruptive innovations being tested by mission-driven social entrepreneurs in classrooms, schools and school systems in low-income communities around the world. 

If our partner organizations are choosing and acting on innovative “bets” for growing their classroom leaders, and those partners are holding themselves accountable to seeing teacher and student outcomes flowing from those “bets,” we at Teach For All  have an unprecedented chance to learn and to make lasting change.

Please let us know what you are learning about learning.

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